OpenEnterpriseX is a free, open source, comprehensive and standards-based Java(TM)/J2EE(TM) development suite distribution for building enterprise application. It is based on leading Open Source web servers, containers, frameworks, utilities, database and integrated development editor. The distribution will not in any way hinder your usage of any of the open source packages individually. Instead, it serves to help you use the packages easily.

Are you someone who is exploring open source technologies for Java/J2EE development? You have heard of names like Tomcat, JBoss, Struts, Axis, Eclipse and MySQL. You've wanted to learn and evaluate them but do not have the time.

Is your company developing a project or product based on Java/J2EE. But you do not want to spent significant amount of money licensing commercial softwares. You heard of open source products but you are wondering how they can help or whether they are feasible in the first place.

Are you someone who is developing a project or product using open source packages but find it a pain to integrate the different packages together. You want a single solution, with everything setup properly for you.

Have you spent countless hours searching the Internet to find tutorials on how certain open source packages can wok together? For example, how to integrate Apache HTTP Server with Tomcat or JBoss with MySQL ?

Are you someone who have used commercial products for Java/J2EE development for many years? And you find these products though provide great features but are expensive.

Have you ever worry about the compatibility of a particular version of an open source package with another? You need to spend significant effort and time to keep track of all the different versions of these softwares.

Are you someone who are pondering over which Java/J2EE open source packages to use?

There are so many different open source software packages out there, that you fear choosing the wrong one.

If Yes, have you tried OpenEnterpriseX?

It is free.
It is open soure.
It is best of the breed.
It is integrated.
It saves you time, effort and cost.

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What does it do?

Java 2 Platform, Enterprise Edition(TM) has firmly been established as a mainstream development platform for enterprise applications. This platform greatly simplifies enterprise applications. The open source development model has also proven its ability to create competitive and cost-effective solutions and highly scalable solutions. Many open source packages exist today to assist in the development of J2EE based application. This has brought about great benefits to the IT industry. However, as the packages are developed by different individuals and entities, each has it's own setup, installation procedures and documentation.

For developers to make use of these excellent tools and applications it requires them to spend substantial time and effort to setup, install, test and evaluate these softwares.

OpenEnterpriseX distribution comes with a installer to ease this entire setup process. It aims to install and configure all the software packages to help developers easily make use of the software packages within the shortest time possible.

With this, developers and IT departments can quickly and easily make use of open source packages to start developing J2EE based application.

The following are the Open Source packages included:

Apache HTTP Server

Robust, commercial-grade reference, efficient, extensible implementation of the HTTP protocol. The most popular HTTP server.

JBoss(TM)/with Tomcat

J2EE application server with highly flexible service oriented architecture and microkernel approach based on Java Management eXtensions (JMX). Tomcat is the official Reference Implementation of the Servlet and JavaServer Pages technologies.

Eclipse(TM) 3.0 M8

Open source software development project dedicated to providing a robust, full-featured, commercial-quality, industry platform for the development of highly integrated tools.


Framework for structuring the web application into Model-View-Controller(MVC) model. Loose coupling between the View and Model can make applications significantly easier to create and maintain.


A SOAP engine/framework for constructing SOAP processors such as clients, servers, gateways.

Commons Logging

Wrapper around a variety of logging API implementations.


Java desktop application designed to load test functional behavior and measure performance. It has the ability to record web requests from the browser and replay the entire sequences while simulating multiple users.

Tomcat Connectors

Tomcat-Apache plug-in that handles the communication between Tomcat and Apache.


Popular open source database with the capabilities to handle most corporate database application requirements with an architecture that is extremely fast and easy to use.

MySQL(TM) Java Connector

Type IV Java driver that converts JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) calls into the network protocol used by the MySQL database.


General purpose Java-based template engine. Velocity separates Java code from the web pages via the Model-View-Controller(MVC) model, making the web site more maintainable over the long run.


Java-based build tool like make. For building software across multiple platforms


Enable/Disable logging at runtime without modifying the application binary. The log4j package is designed so that logging statements can remain in shipped code without incurring a heavy performance cost. Logging behavior can be controlled by editing a configuration file, without touching the application binary.

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OpenEnterpriseX v0.1

v0.1 distribution launched. This distribution is useful for people evaluating open source Java(TM) technologies.