Quick Installation Notes

Download and Install JDK1.4 or onwards
(Note: JDK 1.4.x is required. It does not work with JDK1.5 yet. )

Download and Install OpenEnterpriseX
(Note: Both the JDK and OpenEnterpriseX should be installed to directories without space.

All software packages will be installed and setup to be used for development.

Open up a Dos Prompt

cd <HOME_DIR>\<VERSION_DIR>\oex\scripts


The xpetstore application along with all the necessary database, containers, web server will be launched.

Some Useful PDF

Getting Started

See OpenEnterpriseX whitepaper

See a 1 page description on the reasons for OpenEnterpriseX


After downloading and installing OpenEnterpriseX. Test out the open source packages with the xpetstore application. The xpetstore application is used to demonstrate the different packages working together. Following that, it is important to follow the tutorials here to learn on the different open source pakcages. The aim of the tutorials here is to bring you through the different open source techonologies quickly and easily with OpenEnterpriseX. It is not so much on the configuration of the packages (that is done by the installer already.), but rather on the usage and understanding of the open source packages.

The Just Enough Concept (Important!)

Just Enough Directory Structure of OpenEnterpriseX

Just Enough Eclipse Overview

Session Bean with JBoss [download]

Entity Bean with JBoss [download]

Message Driven Bean with JBoss [download]

Access MySQL with a Session Bean [download]

Web Services with Axis [download]

Remote Debugging with Eclipse and Tomcat [download]

Using SiteMesh in a Web Application [download]

Using Xdoclet [download]

Copyright Notice


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OpenEnterpriseX v0.1

v0.1 distribution launched. This distribution is useful for people evaluating open source Java(TM) technologies.

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